Tech-driven Business Operations with Automated Solutions

Smart Technologies have redefined the computing space and a paradigm shift is witnessed across all business sectors through these niche technologies. We provide a sustainable AI plan through a comprehensive roadmap to identify priorities and modify them on an ongoing basis. We ensure Reduced Operational Cost, Improved Efficiency & Productivity, Enhanced Business Opportunities, Enhanced Customer Experience through our AI/ML &IoT expertise.

Use Case

Automated solutions and Google IoT services save time, effort, and money by optimizing routine tasks and operations, leaving less scope for human errors.

Fact-based Insights

AI bots' factual and data-based analysis enables businesses to anticipate customer preferences and priorities and offer them a personalized experience.

Intuitive Decision Making

The results driven from these automated solutions enable better and faster decision-making. In addition, intuitive support helps you grow your expertise.

Enhanced Productivity

With optimized business operations, AWS AI services leave a great impact on the overall business productivity by evading poor product/service quality.

Better Customer Engagement

Fact and data provided by AI software help generate good quality leads and enables better customer engagement with your products or services.

Fixing fraudulent online acts

With the Amazon Machine Learning model, businesses can spot and even block fraudulent activities in real-time and save their reputation.

Automated Data Extraction

These automated technologies make data automation, extraction and analysis straightforward and give easy access to the knowledge bank.

Core Competencies

AI transformational Strategy

Our skilled and reliable software engineers assess competitive benefits by adopting futuristic technology to initiate your business's transformation.

AI Solution Development

Our software engineers develop advanced AI/ML applications, including Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence, to enable automation in various routine operations.

AI-based Customized Solutions

We have been offering personalized AI-based solutions tailored to the business requirements that complement the industry standards and excel in competition.


Our skilled engineers ensure that your customized AI solutions are implemented appropriately, which runs smoothly, without any error, and reap maximum benefits.


We ensure flawless integration of our high-end AI solution into existing your business model to increase your return on Investment.

Tech Support

We also offer 360° technical support services round the clock to ensure our high-tech AI solutions remain functional at any point in time.

Our Approach

Businesses in the technological era demand configurational AI-based solutions personalized to their unique business goals. For your business to embark on a transformational journey, a strategy is required, followed by incorporating AI principles and developing infrastructure. To begin with each unique project, our professionals adopt a personalized approach to accomplish business goals.


Our experts perform detailed business context research via Q&A sessions, user interviews, and workshops. We gather the required information to understand the business's goals & challenges.

Data Exploration & Analysis

Once we have the required inputs from the client's end, we start exploring the previous customer trends and compatibility with the automated tools. Post which we prepare a detailed report on the assessed data.

Solution Archetype

The engineers develop solution prototypes for the clients/businesses based on the data gathered, challenges, and goals of the company. Once approved, we move ahead with the final changes.

Model training

Complete support is provided even after the project handover. Our experts offer model training to the users, and if required, model performance optimization is deployed for the maximum benefits to your organization.

Competency Badges

Advanced Tier Services

The services provided by our expert team covers all aspects, including, but not limited to, building, development, deployment and debugging.


This development tool plays a vital role in the cloud architecture design, failing which deployment would be difficult.


CloudThat has a wonderful foundation consisting of an expert team of architects and designers alike.

Public sector

Cloud architecture design and development is in much demand in the public sector, which is gladly catered by CloudThat.

Why to partner with us

Reliable services

We have been helping businesses worldwide overcome technical challenges with futuristic automated technology to offer boosted efficiency and maximum ROI. As a result, thousands of businesses across the globe trust us!

Proven Expertise & Proficiency

Our team of experienced engineers is well-versed with the latest technologies and ML algorithms. In addition, with years of automated solution development experience, we are competent to deal in most industries.

Cross-technology implementation

We at CloudThat not only work on and deliver AI-based solutions; instead, we take pride in offering cloud technologies. We offer technological solutions with advanced designs and high-end engineering operations.

Result-driven approach

We adopt a result-driven approach to help businesses overcome technological challenges and achieve their goals with apt strategies and implementations. Consequently, we have consistently won over our clients worldwide with our quality solutions.

Technology Stack

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Rekognition

AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Greengrass


What clients have to say

“We would like to thank every member of the team for your extended support in completing the project. We would like to thank especially Ms.Anjali Srivastava who has worked tirelessly even in odd hours to complete the project successfully.”

- Naveen S K

Naveenam Technologies

“Timely response, expertise in providing right solutions as per our business requirement, CloudThat team helped us during their holiday also. I thank specially for the dedication of the team.”

- John Bairapaga

Vanguard Business School

“CloudThat provided training for NSG’s IT team on advanced AWS networking options and setup. Also, implemented AWS networking set up for NSG and handover the same to internal IT. This was done in a highly professional manner;thus I will recommend CloudThat.”

- Sirajudeen Mohamed Hisham

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